Osazda Energy

At Osazda Energy, their team of scientists and solar energy experts has developed a unique, proven-effective way to remove cell cracking as a challenge for today’s thinner cell panels – enabling companies to utilize thinner, more cost-effective cells that are becoming increasingly popular in the solar energy industry. Saving companies money, time and, most of all, increasing the amount of energy produced.

Osazda Energy is comprised of leading scientists, solar energy experts and business strategists joining together to develop this state-of-the-art technology/innovative product, and bring it to companies throughout the industry. One of the researchers and scientists we work with on the Scalable Nanomanufacturing grant, Dr. Sang M Han, is the co-founder of Osazda Energy LLC and co-inventor of the technology which is the foundation of Osazda Energy LLC.

Dr. Han was recently named the 2018 STC.UNM Innovation Fellow at the event at the University of New Mexico. Dr. Han has 17 issued patents and 6 pending US and PCT applications, and was responsible for the overall development of the electromechanical process integration.

As Co-PI on the Scalable Nanomanufacturing grant awarded by the National Science Foundation,  S.M. Han and S.E. Han experimentally and computationally demonstrated that symmetry breaking in nanoscale surface corrugation features increases light absorption.

As they continue their research efforts, Dr. Han hopes to see major improvement in how solar cells operate.

To learn more about his research, be sure to check out his video on our Youtube Channel.