Energy Surge System

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The Problem

Because the topic of energy is abstract, complex, and not easily quantified; educating the public about it can be a challenge. Currently, the public at large doesn’t view the rapid depletion of fossil fuels as an issue, and previous attempts to educate about energy in a fun, yet still informative way, have not been effective enough. A new approach is needed to educate younger generations about energy conservation and renewable energy resources.

Our Solution

The RAVE Lab designed the Energy Surge as a way to inform younger generations about energy usage. This system uses a unique approach in how it separates education and fun into several distinct activities connected via a rewards system that keeps players engaged.

How It Works

The Energy Surge System begins with learning in the Virtual Energy World. In the Virtual Energy World, players navigate around the house and can interact with appliances to see how many watts each uses. Afterward, the players can apply their knowledge in a quiz, where each correct answer will earn them a token. These tokens from the quiz will then go to the Meritoken server, and will allow players to unlock new characters in the Energy Robots game.

You can learn more about the Energy Surge system here.