4 Things You Didn’t Know About Energy Harvesters but Probably Should

1. Energy harvesters turn the energy that surrounds us into electricity usable in our daily lives.

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Energy is everywhere, and all of it is usable. The First Law of Thermodynamics states that “Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another.” Harvesters harnesses the energy of our everyday world–like sunlight, movement, and body heat–and turn that energy into usable electricity!

2. Energy harvesters will change the way we think of energy collection forever.

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Consider for a moment the energy involved in walking down a street. You might wonder, what happens to that energy? Where does it go? Well, when a foot hits the pavement, some energy is transferred into that pavement. But an underground energy harvester could harness the kinetic energy from this impact and turn it into usable power that was already there!

3. Energy harvesters can be big or small, and can generate electricity from almost anything!

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Some energy harvesters are so large that they power cities; some are so small they’ve eliminated the need for batteries in certain devices. Whether it is a solar cell in one of those silly dancing flowers, a solar farm that powers an entire city, or a lifesaving pace-maker that powers itself using the kinetic energy of a human heartbeat–these technologies could easily make their way into every facet of our society and change our world forever. 5 Ways Energy Harvesters Are Changing Energy Forever

4. They are NOT some far-off, theoretical, future technology.

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While it’s true that every day new and exciting forms of energy collection are being invented and tested, these technologies are already in use and here to stay. Solar farms, windmills, hydroelectric dams, and much more have already changed the world we live in! See 10 examples of Energy Harvesters Used Our Everyday Life!